About The Poems

“Anne and God: Conversations With The Infinite” is a collection of comic panel poems from my hapless life and my conversations with whatever is steering us through the universe.

Started as a project to cheer up an ailing friend, it follows the premise “what would I say to a higher power if I REALLY were being honest?” And “what might that higher power say to me if I were REALLY listening.”


A lot of folks became interested in the stories behind these poems – every single one is, in fact, totally true (even the unflattering ones) – so I have started a Substack newsletter that gives you the inside scoop. Titled “Anne The Passive Aggressive Poet” it’s published once a week, is totally free, no ads, no spam – just a chance to read some stuff that might make you feel better. If you are into that sort of thing.

You can either sign up to get via email or just follow me on Substack here.



There are currently two Anne & God book collections: “Some Days Call For Chocolate” and “Dear God, Did I Say That Out Loud?”. Both are available here in the online store. These books make a great gift for yourself and everyone you love! Anne is happy to personalize books at no extra charge – be sure to give details when you place your order.